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Import your stock portfolio on Kuvera and get a single view of all your investments. Click on any stock you want to analyse on the Kuvera, the best investment app, and get all the details you’ll need. Keep an eye on stocks that are top gainers/losers for the day, or ones with 52-week highs or 52-week lows, along with total market capitalization.

Before buying, you need to do thorough research on the stock’s fundamentals. Kuvera makes it easy to find the best shares to invest in with all the necessary details in one place. SIP facility is available with almost all of the mutual funds with the notable exception being close-ended mutual funds. While a small number of people can calculate this manually, it is a difficult undertaking for the majority of us, especially for long-term investments. These calculators include the compounding function and provide quick, precise results. When you enter the aforementioned amount and press the submit button, the result is displayed instantly.

Expected Return Rate

AMCs are introducing more investor-friendly tools on its platforms to help investors with planning and one such tool is SIP Calculator. How SIP Calculator is Helpful for Offline Users also SIP calculator is truly helpful for the online investors which gives independent investing a true sense. The users have to be very cautious about the calculation while investing, as a slight mistake in calculating the amount will lead to an accrued loss over the period of time. However, SIP returns calculator is not only a useful tool for the online investors but at the same time it is beneficial for the offline clients as well. Customers can use an SIP investment planner present on our site and make the best possible use of their money and plan their investment wisely. Thus, whether you are an online or offline investor you can surely make the most out of your money if you wisely use mutual fund calculator.

That is why the Kuvera app lets you compare interest rates and invest in FDs. Please note that we focus on the word “approximate.” This is because no one can predict market sentiments with 100% accuracy. Therefore, actual returns can vary from the projected returns calculated by the SIP calculator online. However, you get a good idea of your returns which could be used to make informed decisions.

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The Investor should start SIP of Rs.5,05,500 per month to create a corpus of Rs.50Crs in next 20 years assuming return of 12%pa. If the investor is ready to step up SIP amount by 10% every year then he can achieve this corpus by starting the SIP of Rs.2,67,500 per month. This fund is best suited to the investors who have long-term investment goals and can stay invested for 3-5 years. Fill out the Demat application form after selecting a mutual fund scheme. With the required documents, submit the form to the nearest branch. Suppose you invest Rs. 500 every month for three years through a SIP plan and expect a 12% rate of return.

Calculation of SIP returns

When the axis bluechip fund sip calculator is tagged against a goal, we get more committed to ensure the financial goal is on track. Yes, you can start a Systematic Investment Plan using the Kuvera platform. Create your goal to get our recommendations, or find an MF of your choice. Select it and enter the amount for SIP and / or the lump sum amount you want to invest. If you do not have a folio, you can create a new one to start investing. To maximise your wealth, the key is to find stocks that have the potential to outperform the market.

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By staying disciplined, diversifying their portfolio, and focusing on their long-term financial goals, investors can achieve their dreams of financial independence. Several Indian mutual funds have a proven track record of generating high returns for investors. If you can gradually increase your investment limit, you will need to start with less than half of what you need in a normal SIP. In such a long investment journey, curtailing risk is more important than chasing returns. And that will happen only if you have the confidence that your investments won’t get wiped out due to a sudden market correction. You can estimate the performance of Axis mutual funds based on the scheme’s historical performance.

How to Calculate Returns Using SIP Calculator?

By utilising the Kuvera SIP Calculator, you are likely to be well-informed about the expected returns and maturity value of your monthly investments. If you want to make a large investment in the future, you can estimate your holding position and make smarter planning decisions. Let’s assume that you have just started earning and your friend recommends you to invest Rs.2,000 per month for the next 10 years. Given the market sentiments, the expected rate of return is around 10%.

The SIP calculator uses the power of compounding principle to calculate the future amount of your SIP investments. With the Axis SIP, you can invest in low-risk and high-risk funds that can provide capital appreciation. Invest in schemes with a CRISIL rating of 3 or higher, as these are generally safer. Investors can compare multiple return scenarios using the free online Axis Bank SIP calculator and make the right investment decisions that will help them earn significant returns.

However, the result you receive is not a guarantee but an approximation. The ending and beginning values are the NAV or Net Asset Value of the fund at the beginning and ending of the investment. The Axis Bank SIP maturity amount can be calculated using the future value of the annuity formula.

Therefore, be a smart investor and utilize the power of your money by letting the calculations work in your favor. The annualised returns of the axis equity fund growth scheme for three- and five-year investments are 11.4 and 13.5 percent respectively. You too can earn the same by investing your hard-earned money in this plan.

Create your financial goal to know the required investment amount as a lump sum and/or SIP and check out our intelligent recommendations of funds. Kuvera is an online investment platform that offers direct plans with zero commissions and charges zero subscription fees. Both the SIP & lump sum investments are actually the investment styles of investing into a mutual fund scheme. It largely depends on the cash in hand/cash at bank one holds & the investment goals. Generally, a salaried individual prefers the SIP route as he can invest a certain sum of money regularly through this. However, if one has a significant sum of money with him, he may go for a lump sum investment too.

Investing in Mutual Funds through SIPs involves investing a fixed sum of money periodically . The Systematic Investment Plan is convenient since it sidesteps the need for an investor to make a lump sum payment, and they can start with as little as INR 100. However, it is challenging to put together a portfolio for SIP. Therefore, before investing, you must determine the return on your SIP.

Investors should also conduct thorough research and understand the fund’s objectives and past performance. When considering a SIP, investors should not only look at the potential returns but also consider the risk involved. A diversified portfolio is essential to minimize risk and optimize returns.

Axis SIP calculator for Mutual Funds

We use sophisticated modelling to decide when is the right time to harvest taxes. Then we recommend the transactions you need to execute to harvest LTCG. The introduction of direct mutual funds and investors shift of interest in market-linked investment schemes to meet long-term financial objectives has changed the industry dynamics.

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Step Up refers to an annual percentage increase in the investment amount. Ideally, the step-up percentage should be equal to the individual’s annual salary or pay hike. The Axis Bank SIP Calculator only gives an estimate based on the inputs provided and doesn’t guarantee any returns. The performance of a mutual fund affects its return which can be higher or lower than the estimate provided by Axis Bank SIP Calculator. Returns from Axis SIP plans are just an estimation based on the fund’s past performance and it doesn’t guarantee future returns. Most of the mutual fund houses in India including Axis Bank offer SIPS.

Investors can achieve their short-term and long-term financial goals by using this disciplined investment method. SIP calculator helps you evaluate your investments basis the financial goals you have planned for. Find out the amount that you need to invest per month to reach your goals through Goal Based Calculator. It will help you evaluate your preparation for your goals like Child’s Education, Child’s Marriage, House, Retirement etc. The Amount Based Calculator helps you know the amount that you will be able to accumulate if you invest through SIP. The Axis SIP calculator is very simple, requiring basic inputs and no major analysis to understand the use of the tool.

Investors are requested to note that Stock broker is permitted to receive/pay money from/to investor through designated bank accounts only named as client bank accounts. Stock broker is also required to disclose these client bank accounts to Stock Exchange. Hence, you are requested to use following client bank accounts only for the purpose of dealings in your trading account with us. The details of these client bank accounts are also displayed by Stock Exchanges on their website under “Know/ Locate your Stock Broker”. In regular plans, you pay commissions to the broker or the distributor, which can be as much as 1.5% of the value of your holding, every single year.

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Also, one can view the calculation of Axis SIP Maturity Amount either in a chart or table form. The investment graph provides a visualization of the Axis SIP maturity amount and the wealth gained during the investment tenure. In the tablet format, one can easily identify the Axis Bank SIP Step-Up value every year . You need to identify the right fund for yourself basis your risk-return profile and investment horizon. After that, you need to identify the SIP amount needed for your target goal amount, through the Axis SIP calculator.

The Axis Bank SIP Calculator works on the investment amount and target amount approach. On the other hand, the target amount approach estimates the current monthly investment based on the target and other inputs provided by the investor. The first step when using the tool is to select the scheme you want to invest in. The tool provides you with the historical XIRR of the scheme as soon as you make a selection from the scheme drop-down.

  • It largely depends on the cash in hand/cash at bank one holds & the investment goals.
  • However, SIP returns calculator is not only a useful tool for the online investors but at the same time it is beneficial for the offline clients as well.
  • By easing this fundamental financial plan process, the calculator aids successful financial planning.
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Using a SIP calculator, you will get a rough estimate on the amount that you will receive upon maturity of your mutual fund investments, based on a projected annual return rate. SIP calculators allow you to plan your investments based on the SIP amount and investment tenure. It also helps you compute an estimation of the total value of your investment at the end of your investment tenure. A SIP calculator is basically an investment tool which helps investors to calculate the returns generated on their mutual fund investments made through a SIP route. While it gives an estimate about the expected returns, the actual returns delivered by a mutual fund scheme depends on so many factors.

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