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To read a long-form history narrative of the Salt Lake City Police Department, visit our history page here. The Energy & Environment (E&E) Divisionensures that all Salt Lake City municipal departments comply with all applicable environmental regulations. They also guide City-wide policy and practice to minimize the environmental impact of the community and of City operations. The E&E Program specifically focuses on Environmental Compliance, Climate Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies, Air Quality, Energy Conservation, Renewable Energy, and Food Security. Bridge to SLCThis is a course for students in grade 8 admitted to SLC in the following year of high school. This prepares students in the structure of SLC with maths, humanities, sciences, and English with an advanced level of preparation.

Utah Jazz lose big to Minnesota Timberwolves after finding out during warmups of big trade – SLC Dunk

Utah Jazz lose big to Minnesota Timberwolves after finding out during warmups of big trade.

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Conference of Mayors and Wal-Mart for his leadership to institute innovative practices that reduce GHG emissions. The City has received recognition and awards related to climate preparedness, resiliency, and sustainability. Salt Lake Community College will be a model for inclusive and transformative education, strengthening the communities we serve through the success of our students. Is one of the few learning centers in the world that is supported almost entirely by undergraduates.

Core Competency #4: Relationship Skills

Through service models that honor their diverse starting points and meet them where they are, we aim to empower all students to realize their full academic potential and aspirations. The Panorama Social-Emotional Learning Survey (open-source and available for download), aligned to the CASEL framework, is a great tool to get started measuring SEL. The survey, developed at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, contains more than 22 research-backed topics to help school districts gather valid and reliable social-emotional learning data from students. Responsible decision-making is the ability to make caring and constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions across diverse situations. This includes the capacities to consider ethical standards and safety concerns, and to evaluate the benefits and consequences of various actions for personal, social, and collective well-being.

human rights

Amber’s passion lies in working directly with professionals to level up their career in the Human Resources realm. She is an international best-selling author, speaker, and certified goal success coach. She resides in Pennsylvania where she considers her most important job to be her role as the mom of three incredible boys. When I first read John C. Maxwell’s definition of a leader, it seemed so simple, yet it blew my mind. He said, “Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less.” I began questioning at what point in my life I truly started influencing others.

Salt Lake City

Sierra Learnership Collaborative provides exceptional leadership speaking, training, and coaching services to youth and adult learners who strive to experience lifelong personal and professional growth. We provide exceptional leadership speaking, training, and coaching services to youth and adult learners who strive to experience lifelong personal and professional growth. The Department also works diligently to provide options for good health and well-being to the community it serves, particularly those who suffer from substance use disorder and mental health issues. The Co-Responder model created by SLCPD social workers, crisis intervention teams, and police officers provides criminal justice diversion. They also help provide warm hand-offs of individuals to treatment beds, shelters, and other diversion programs that help strengthen the prevention and treatment of substances, including narcotic drug use and harmful use of alcohol.


The first annual GLOW was a joint collaboration with the Global Learning Centre, Belonging, People, and Culture, the Student Association, and SLC Surge. The week was packed full of exciting events that educated and showcased SLC’s rich diversity and multiculturalism to the community. SLCPD spends considerable time, effort, and resources to help end abuse, exploitation, and trafficking. The Department function in a transparent manner and ensures responsive, inclusive, participatory and representative decision-making at all levels. Above all, we believe in fair and impartial policing, promote and enforce non-discriminatory laws, and promote the rule of law for all.

Self-Management Strategy: WOOP Goal-Setting

Promotes and develop the research skills of the academic and non-academic personnel as well as students. Tina helps women entrepreneurs get out of their own way and shows them how to structure, position, and price their offering in a way that clearly shows their value so they can differentiate themselves from their competition. With over 20 years of experience as a corporate trainer, multi-unit manager, and sales leader in multiple industries, Tina knows what it takes to be successful in business and build successful teams. Teaching, coaching and leading people to push beyond their comfort zones and reach their true potential is what she loves most. Amber trail is a very talented Human Resources Coach & Consultant with over 15 years of progressive corporate HR experience and a Masters in Business Administration.

The Positive Pivot Scale is a high school strategy from Move This World that helps students consider a range of ways to respond to a situation. Our mission is to enable people to invest in their futures through further and higher education by providing trusted, transparent, flexible and accessible student finance services. Conducts institutional researches on students profile, drop-outs, promotion and the like; as well as along thrusts and programs of the school. Randy Wilson is an accomplished Leadership Teacher, Speaker, and Team Builder with over 30 years of real-world application in the U.S.

Strategic Plan for Student Achievement –

Strategic Plan for Student Achievement.

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These skills are varied, and school communities may prioritize different SEL competencies based on identifiable student needs or the district’s portrait of a graduate. However, many school districts focus on CASEL’s five core SEL competencies as a starting point. When implementing social-emotional learning , it can be helpful to narrow your focus to a few SEL competencies that are most relevant for the students and educators in your school community. In conversation, I often come across individuals who immediately state that they aren’t a leader because they do not have a team to lead.

Our Vision

Once your school or district has identified specific SEL competencies to focus on, the next step is to gather baseline data on how students are developing those skills, mindsets, and competencies. SEL data can help educators identify individual students’ strengths and areas for growth related to specific competencies. At the school and district level, the data can help guide school climate improvement plans and tier one SEL instruction. Larry Moss is a highly experienced Executive Coach & Trainer with a Masters in Organizational Development. Larry brings his passion and knowledge of leadership development to leaders at all organizational levels to catapult already accomplished leaders and teams to the next level of personal and professional growth. He is also an ICF Certified Coach, CultureWise Consultant, and DoD Certified Trainer with training from John Maxwell Leadership, Team Coaching Facilitation, and Stephen Covey Leadership.

  • SEL data can help educators identify individual students’ strengths and areas for growth related to specific competencies.
  • Freshman Academies are structure designed to support 9th grade students as they transition into high school.
  • The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, or pain.
  • How members of the department define their role will set the tone for the community.

I quickly realized that I had been a leader long before I even had a high school diploma. What we must focus on is how we can continue to intentionally develop our abilities to positively influence those around us. Indeed, as Saint Louis College prepares itself for more in coming years, the SLC community continues to be true to its founding goals centered on True Christian Living, Relevant Academic Excellence, Active Social Involvement, and Committed Professional Leadership. Along these goals, Louisians – then and now – have shown meritorious achievements in various competitions in local, national, and international levels. In 1851, under the newly created City Charter, the Mayor authorized a police department to be created. Over a century later, many things have changed in the Salt Lake City Police Department, but it is the intent of this brief history to remind the reader of the past in hopes it can help guide the department into the future.

In this guide, you’ll learn about the five core SEL competencies—complete with definitions and examples of what these competencies may look like and sound like in practice. For each core competency, we also share examples of low-lift SEL strategies, activities, and teaching practices that you can use right away in your school community to promote student SEL and adult SEL. Self-management is the ability to manage one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively in different situations and to achieve goals and aspirations. This includes the capacities to delay gratification, manage stress, and feel motivation and agency to accomplish personal and collective goals. Social-emotional learning competencies are the specific skills, habits, and mindsets that fall under the umbrella of social-emotional learning.

The Salt Lake City Police Department will serve as guardians of our community to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property, and promote individual responsibility and community commitment. Over the last two years, we have increased the number of applicants in our recruiting and hiring processes and continue to improve the process for obtaining work within the Department. We provide a mentoring program for applicants who have passed the first step of the process and work closely with the hiring team to onboard officers and civilians in a holistic way.

This includes the capacities to feel compassion for others, understand broader historical and social norms for behavior in different settings, and recognize family, school, and community resources and supports. In other words, social and emotional learning describes the skills that educators do not explicitly teach. It can be apparent when social-emotional skills are present or absent in students. A 2017 meta-analysis from CASEL involving students from kindergarten to high school showed that students exposed to SEL programs performed better academically than their non-SEL peers. Sierra Collins is the Founder of Sierra Learnership Collaborative, where she is a Certified Leadership Development Coach, Speaker, & Trainer for both youth and adults.

  • We are excited to announce the relaunch of the Positive Space workshops that focus on gender and sexual diversity.
  • This includes capacities to recognize one’s strengths and limitations with a well-grounded sense of confidence and purpose.
  • The Energy & Environment (E&E) Divisionensures that all Salt Lake City municipal departments comply with all applicable environmental regulations.

I coined the term “learnership” to describe the need for leaders to participate in continuous development and commit to being a lifelong learner. Sierra Learnership Collaborative brings to life my belief that effective leadership skills and lifelong learning are critical to success. Whether working with you individually, as a small group, or as an organization, together we can collaborate to achieve your goals as a more effective leader. Saint Louis College is one of the mission schools founded by the Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Missionaries in the Philippines.

‘I just cried’: recent layoffs could signal the Utah tech boom is tapering – KUER 90.1

‘I just cried’: recent layoffs could signal the Utah tech boom is tapering.

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I understand that perspective, because I didn’t see myflorida income tax ratef as a leader for the first ten years of my career. I felt like I needed to have a degree in Administrative Leadership and be running a school or entire school system to call myself a leader in education. This is SLC, the beacon that shines so bright in the Northern part of the Philippines, the source of wisdom, and the light that guides many towards values-oriented education. This makes forever the proud Louisians; we always take pride to have tasted her legacy of unparalleled academic excellence. We are the beacon of wisdom in the north – that’s what we are and that’s what we will always be…

teacher training institution

Employees shall work to accomplish the vision and mission of the Department, provide wise leadership, and embody the core values. Employees are to work with citizens, preserve life, maintain human rights, and promote individual responsibility. Officers shall preserve the public peace, detect and arrest offenders, prevent crime, protect life and property, and enforce the ordinances and statutes of Salt Lake City, the State of Utah, and the United States. The threats of international homicide, violence against children, human trafficking and sexual violence are important to address to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. They pave the way for the provision of access to justice for all and for building effective, accountable institutions at all levels.

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